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Save Thousands of Dollars Watching the TV Shows You Love


The notion of getting all the video entertainment you want without paying a massive cable bill—a.k.a. cord cutting—has gone from a  fantasy to a viable mainstream option in what seems like a matter of months.


I believe the viewer should have options. We believe the TV fanatics who want everything and the kitchen sink should have it at their fingertips. We’re talking network TV, cable shows, HBO, movies, and streaming exclusives, all on demand whenever you want.


Believe it or not, you can still have all this for significantly less than the price of cable. Even HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and Amazon Prime Video, latest movies in Redbox, newly released movies in the theatres and much much more . You’ll love this and probably be asking why I didn't do this earlier. 



Looking to save on your cable TV bill? This makes me angry, and a little ashamed, to admit: a friend of mines family's Comcast bill for this month was $212.65. And he did not have the top package. 


The average cable customer spends $75 a month on cable. That's $900 per year for the rest of your life, or about $45,000 in your lifetime! Why pay when you can watch many of the same shows for free? People are dropping cable in record numbers (about a million people per year according to one estimate). Why not you starting right now?

The solution to the ridiculous cost of cable TV is to get in touch with me and let me............

"Save You Thousands of Dollars"


*Get back with the person who invited you to this site today. Promotional deals expires soon!



1. What firmware will come pre-installed on my box?

Your box has the latest firmware pre-installed. 

 2. Does my box automatically have firmware updates?

Your box continuously releases new firmwares .

 3.  How much internal storage does my box have?

The internal storage  is 16GB, though some storage space is occupied by pre-installed apps and the Android Operating System.

 4. What is the maximum external hard drive capacity supported ?

Compatible with external hard drives up to a maximum of 2.5TB. Also, most external hard drives do not require an external power source to work, and can be sufficiently powered by the media hub via the USB port..

 5. What is AirDroid App?

AirDroid App is a brilliantly simple and useful tool that allows you to manage your Media Hub for Android from any web browser, all over the air. Meaning you can transfer files between your media hub and any PC without needing to connect any wires.

 6. What is Wi-Fi Display App?

Wi-Fi Display is an awesome application, letting you mirror the content from your Android Smartphone or Tablet on to your TV screen. So, simultaneously the movie you are watching on your Android Tablet will appear on your TV screen, playing in real-time! The same works with games, why play Angry Birds on your Smartphone when you can let the whole family join in and have the game simultaneously appear on the TV screen. 

 7.What is the warranty policy?

1-Year warranty on our entire product range. Our 1-Year warranty is handled directly by the Authorized Reseller you purchase from. It is their responsibility to provide the appropriate R.M.A service solely for the customers that purchase directly from them. They will handle all R.M.A (repairs / replacements) locally - benefiting you, as the customer, by reducing the procedure time and improving the service offered.

8. Is this Legal?

Yes for the simply reason is you are not downloading any content. You are streaming it, just like Netflix.

Fill Out The Form Below and Someone From Our Team Will Get In Touch With You

Get Your Cable Box Today For $150

 It's legal, fully configured and on demand all the time.

We have everyone talking! Or at least watching their favorite TV episodes, news and clips direct from their big screen TV. It's all legally streamed on-demand programming with a user interface that's better than cable


We are taking the marketplace by storm. Simply purchase the our box and enjoy tens of thousands of brand new streams every day. Our Streaming TV Box turns your big screen TV into an Internet "tour de force", with all your favorite shows at your fingertips whenever you want them. Watch Tv the way you want , when you want and commercial Free.


Forget DVRs! Your favorite shows are "always on", with a growing archive of free and premium content going back many years. Can you say "BINGE WATCHING?" Just purchase our Straming Box today and join the thousands of happy customers who enjoy the next generation of entertainment!

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Get Your Cable Box Today For $150

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“I was spending over $100 per month just for cable for years and now I get three times as much for less money."


Adam K.



“I was using a Roku, Antenna, and connecting my Computer to my TV just to get some shows I like watching. Now, I get all I need and more .”


Kevin W.



“Over a year ago my computer died and my children couldn't do their school work. I didn't haver the money to replace it and we really needed one. A friend told me about internet TV and after disconnecting my cable, after one month I was able to watch my favorite shows and my family was able to use this Box for all their school requirements. Plus, I saved over $150 each month on my subscription.” Now I have no Fees.


Tracy F.



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